PI-Hun Engineering Ltd was founded by the Finnish PI-Consulting and the Hungarian IPARTERV Co. in 1989 as a joint venture. PI-Hun Engineering Ltd is active mostly in the fields of design of industrial buildings and special structures of construction investments. Special fields:

•    Industrial and commercial buildings

•    Industrial special structures (incl. dynamically loaded structures)

•    Complex building design, involving mechanical and electrical engineers as subcontractors.


Founded in                            1989

Founders                               PI-Consulting (Finland)                                                                                             Iparterv Rt. (Hungary)

Share capital                         71 695 969 HUF (2017.)

Turnover                                428 428 000 HUF (2017.)

Staff                                        18 (2010.)


Design phases

   - Preliminary design   

   - Feasibility design   

   - Design for approval   

   - Tender design   

   - Detail engineering   

   - Workshop drawings   

   - As-Built drawings



   - Building engineering (architecture)   

   - Structural engineering   

   - Mechanical engineering   

   - Electrical engineering (with subcontractor)   

   - External utilities (with subcontractor)


Investment preparation

   - Selecting designers,  constructors   

   - Obtaining permits, consents   

   - Issuing tender   

   - Tender evaluation   

   - Advice contracting


Site supervision

- Schedule-, quality- and cost control  

- Minuting, reporting  

- Aid in case of unexpected  events


Main principals:                    MVM PAKSI ATOMERŐMŰ Zrt.

                                                SOM SYSTEM Kft.

                                                BECTON DICKINSON HUNGARY Kft.

                                                MYLAN HUNGARY Kft.

                                                METALCOM ENGINEERING Zrt.

                                                ENEXIO HUNGARY Zrt.

                                                MVM ERBE ENERGETIKA Zrt.

                                                DUNAMENTI ERŐMŰ Zrt.

                                                OLAJTERV Zrt.

                                                GSE HUNGARY Kft.

                                                KONKOLY&KISS Kft.

                                                UTIBER Kft.

                                                SEEGER ENGINEERING GmbH.